Paw Cucina

We sit.  We stay.  We love to play!
snuggling with the kitty
We’re so delighted to announce that our friend Jan Murphy has entrusted us with many of her beloved Wagtime Pet Sitting clients of the past 17 years, effective June 15th, 2010!

(Jan is embarking on a new life in Washington State; you can check out her exciting endeavor at

The same amazing therapists on staff with Spa Cucina since 2001 are now on duty to provide these mobile services for your pets:

Dog walking and kitty nail trimming at $25 per session, up to two dogs.  Please add $5 per supplemental pup.

Home visits at $25 per session, up to four animals, up to one-half-hour.  This includes visiting, feeding, watering, loving, and even medicating if needed.  Please add $2 per extra fur person.

Why not add a half-hour massage and Reiki session to your home visits for just $25 more?

Transportation to vet visits, grooming, play dates, etc. are $25 each.

Overnight stays cost $65, and we promise to stay from their evening eats to their morning meal, plus we’ll take in your mail, watering your plants, turn lights on/off, etc.  While you are away, you can have peace of mind and your pets will appreciate never having to leave the comfort of their own home!

Ask us about Standard Process whole foods nutrition for you and your furry friends to keep in optimum shape!

Our great Buy Eight, Get One Free! special applies to pet services, too!  We look forward to making
your whole furry family feel good…inside & out!
Visa and MasterCard are accepted for orders of greater than $100

Locations outside of coastal North County will be assessed a mileage fee.