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Home Care Products

For your convenience, we carry these quality products to make you feel good at home and on the road.
Please contact us for details on any of the following items:

  • Tia’s Meditation audio programs recorded by Tia Lanzetta, HHP, RYT to ease and deepen your practice. Great for any level.
  • “Flexibility Favorites” series of yoga videos for beginners and intermediate students (also on DVD).
  • Yoga video for breast cancer survivors by local author Susan Rosen.
  • “Realign Your Spine with Gentle Yoga Postures for Scoliosis” video or DVD. The same program as in our popular workshops! Yoga props including excellent quality zafu cushions, meditation benches, eye pillows, straps and blocks. Flax-seed filled packs for your back, shoulders and neck, hands and feet (the same ones we use for our Hands & Feet Treats). These smell delicious, especially when warmed before use.
  • Soothing music on CD and cassette, featuring local composer and painter Peter Johannsen.
  • Juice Plus+ whole food supplements – the easy way to get your five a day!